Can I host Print Nanny on my own?

Short answer: not at this time.

That's because Print Nanny is powered by managed cloud services like:

In order to host Print Nanny yourself, you would need to replicate all of the Cloud Infrastructure. This is a possibility (someday), especially since I use Terraform to manage the cloud service configuration.

If you are running a printer farm and are interested in a self-hosted version of Print Nanny, shoot me an email

But I thought Print Nanny worked offline? How does that work? 🤔

Great question! In Offline Monitoring Mode, Print Nanny's failure detector runs directly on your Raspberry Pi. That means your image data never leaves your device - I designed this mode with privacy in mind.

An internet connection is required to register your device! You'll also need to be intermittently connected to the internet to receive updates to Print Nanny's failure detection algorithm, which improves every week.

Does Print Nanny need an Internet connection to learn about my setup?

Yes, Print Nanny's Online Learning Mode requires you to maintain an internet connection when running the failure detector. In this mode, Print Nanny will stream your image data to a machine learning pipeline (running via Apache Beam).