This guide will show you how to install the OctoPrint Nanny plugin.

Note: Print Nanny is currently in a Private Beta! If you'd like to become a Beta tester, please request an invite by filling out this form. Beta invitations are being rolled out in the order that they were received.

Install Prerequisites

⚡You must install the following dependencies before Print Nanny.

  • SSH into your OctoPrint device and run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install libatlas3-base libhdf5-dev

This will install ATLAS (Automatically Tuned Linear Alebra Software) C libraries.

Install OctoPrint Nanny Plugin

  • Open OctoPrint's Settings 🔧 menu
  • Click Plugin Manager menu item (under the OctoPrint section)
  • Click the Get More button to open the plugin search menu
  • Search for Print Nanny and click the Install button

Restart OctoPrint Server

  • SSH into the Raspberry Pi running your OctoPrint installation
  • Restart OctoPrint's server by running sudo service octoprint restart

Don't skip this step! Print Nanny will not initialize until you restart the OctoPrint server.

Copy API Token

Log into the Print Nanny Dashboard and copy your API token.

Setup Wizard

When you re-open OctoPrint, a setup wizard will guide you through installation.

Paste your Print Nanny API token into the Authentication Token field

Click test connection to link your Print Nanny and OctoPrint accounts.

Register OctoPrint device

Give your device a good name like "living room" or "Theodore"

Test your Webcam's snapshot URL

Click capture to test your webcam connection.

Thanks for testing Print Nanny!

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